Our Approach

We work towards building relationships with our customers, therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary for us to give a personal touch to all the work that we do. The idea is to make them want to come back to us because they want to.

We let our work speak for us, therefore, our constant effort goes into setting a benchmark in the market through the quality and efficiency of our work. We do not differentiate between the quantum of the work. Once we take up a job, our main aim becomes to see it to the end, while keeping the client involved at each step. This is done by keeping the client informed about the progress of the job when the goods reach major pitstops during the journey.

Our Story

Founded by Mr Rajesh Gupta, in the year 1998, Raj Transport corporation has set an example in the industry. Having worked with his father before starting out on his own, Mr Gupta has a total experience of about 37 years and his expertise has led our company in the direction of growth and success. His involvement and dedication have earned the company the reputation it has on the market today.
At Raj Transport Corporation, we give individual attention to all our customers, because we understand that every business is different and every business has special requirements. We believe in customizing the experience by suggesting the best option/solution for their needs.
Mr Gupta saw a void in the market and decided to take action. He worked on creating a benchmark for service quality and time management. The company believes that timely completion of delivery of goods is of utmost importance for their clients' businesses. So naturally, it becomes very important for us to make sure that our clients deliver on time. This not only helps their business to run smoothly but also helps us in keeping our clients happy and satisfied.
This philosophy has made our business a sustainable one.